The elaboration of our products was fully designed by Embutidos Ezequiel, from their origins to their final tasting. We respect and preserve our gastronomic tradition.


Embutidos y Jamones Ezequiel Factory

Our Factory, Fábrica de Embutidos y Jamones Ezequiel has an infrastructure of more than five thousand square meters and the most qualified professionals.

We also benefit from the best possible weather conditions. León mountain climate plays a key role in the manufacture of our cured meats and therefore in obtaining the best flavour and the best qualities.

Manufacturing process

The elaboration of our products was fully designed by Embutidos Ezequiel, from their origins to their final tasting. Our manufacturing processes are controlled by the HACCP-System (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). In addition, we rigorously conduct microbiological and organoleptic analyses to guarantee the highest quality.

We select our best raw ingredients most carefully and we manufacture our products with the utmost rigor following the traditional recipe, without artificial colours or preservatives. Cure times are strictly fulfilled, and all our meats are smoked in the traditional way too, using oak wood, which gives them their characteristic taste.

Tradition, however, is not at odds with complying with the most demanding regulations. In order to improve the quality and services of our products, we strive to meet the highest quality requirements.



Quality Certifications

We are committed to quality, authenticity and innovation, and we apply this philosophy to each one of our products. For that reason, we have earned several certifications that accredit our good work.

First of all, we hold the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) ‘Cecina de León’ and the Collective Mark ‘Chorizo de León’, which endorse the quality and authenticity of two of our most emblematic products: our chorizo and our beef jerky.

Embutidos Ezequiel products have the Guarantee Mark ‘Tierra de Sabor’ and they are certified as complying with the Iberian (Ibérico) Quality Standard. Both certificates are the best possible guarantee of the excellence of our production, based on the most authentic gastronomic traditions.

Last but not least, Embutidos Ezequiel is certified by IFS Food 6 and SAE certificate of conformity (Specific Self-Monitoring Systems for Export), ensuring compliance with the most stringent regulations on food processing and veterinary health requirements for export.