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Since 1945

The parent house “Mesón Ezequiel II” located in the town of Villamanín de la Tercia, has 5 large diningrooms, as well as access throughout the establishment adapted for the disabled. The breadth of its dining rooms make it ideal for holding events of all kinds, from business lunches, sports clubs, motorsports, to weddings, communions, and a host of other treats.

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You can reserve your table by phone at 987598497 or by email to [email protected]

Monday to Sunday: 07:00 - 24:00

Lunch shifts weekends and public holidays: 14:00 y 15:30 h




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At Embutidos Ezequiel in addition to counting on the best infrastructure and the best profesionnals, we rely on the climate of the mountain in León to prepare our charcuterie and achieve the best taste and quality in our big variety of artisanal charcuterie.

In the factory of Embutidos Ezequiel, we carry out the entiere production chain, from breeding to the arrival of the dish in your plate, explaining unique taste. We don't use any conservatives or colorants, we carefully select the raw materials and we always make them with the greatest care and by keeping an tradicional recipe.We respect at the maximum the time of baking and we treat the product from start to finish as it is: a gastronomic jewel.

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At Embutidos Ezequiel, we propose to you a large choice of charcuterie. Visit our online shop and you will find, chorizo, salchichón, dried beef, ham, pig echine and cheese with an exceptional quality. With more than 70 years of experience, at Embutidos Ezequiel we respect our gastronomical tradition the most authentic, always in search of best products for our elaborations and by using the smoking process, made with chain wood.

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Restaurante Ezequiel
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Mesón Ezequiel
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Ezequiel Roa de la Vega
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