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Pork Loin Extra Piece

Ingredients: pork loin, salt, bittersweet paprika, garlic and natural beef casing.

Smoked using oak wood.

Store at room temperature, in a cool, dry place.

Nutrition Facts (Serving size 100 g)

Energy: 940 kJ – 223 kcal
Fat: 6,13 g
of which saturated: 2,34 g
Carbohydrate: <1,00 g
of which sugars: <1,00 g
Protein: 41,97 g
Salt: 4,75 g

Net Weight: 700 g (approx.)

A safe bet for your palate

Because everything has an origin and a sense, and Ezequiel pork loin has it too. In this case, everything starts with the way we feed our pigs, in the region of Castile and León. But this excellent feeding process would be nothing without the good work of our experts and their deep knowledge of the artisanal cutting process. After a careful selection of the best meat is made, they will discard those parts with a lower quality.

Then, our pork loin needs to acquire new aromas and nuances, and we are convinced that high-quality raw materials should be used only in combination with products of excellent quality too. In particular, we use paprika with the Protected Designation of Origin ‘Pimentón de la Vera’ and garlic sealed with the Protected Geographical Indication ‘Ajo de las Pedroñeras’.

When our experts determine that meat is ready, it is time to stuff it into natural gut casings, which are knotted with thread.

Ezequiel pork loin has finally taken shape, but its genuine flavour must settle after being smoked with oak wood in our cellars, which are carefully located in the north of Spain.

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