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Tasting Pack Preserves and Sausages

The Embutidos Ezequiel Tasting Pack contains:

- One Chorizo Extra Herradura (net weight: 425 g);

- One Chorizo Extra spicy horseshoe sausage (net weight: 425 g);

- One Extra Horseshoe Sausage (net weight: 425 g);

- One box of Mantecadas El Arriero Maragato (net weight: 300g);

- A tin of Extra 4/6 Extra Thick White Asparagus (IGP) (Net weight: 390 g);

- A tin of White Tuna Belly in olive oil (Net weight: 112g).

- A jar of Piquillo Peppers Primera (Net weight: 290 g).

The pack contains the cardboard box.

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Receive your order between Friday, 24 May and Tuesday, 28 May

Sold out
Sold out

Receive your order between Friday, 24 May and Tuesday, 28 May

Immerse yourself in culinary exquisiteness with the Embutidos Ezequiel Tasting Pack. It includes Chorizo Extra, Salchichón, Mantecadas, White Asparagus, Ventresca de Bonito and Piquillo Peppers. 

This exclusive lot has been designed for those who appreciate a unique blend of high quality sausages and selected preserves.

From Chorizo Extra Herradura to Chorizo Extra picante herradura and Salchichón Extra Herradura, each item carries the distinctive Embutidos Ezequiel seal of quality. The sausages, made with the finest ingredients and traditional techniques, offer an unrivalled taste experience.

To complement, the pack includes a box of Mantecadas El Arriero Maragato, a traditional sweet that adds a special touch to the gastronomic experience.

The Conservas in this pack take the tasting to another level. The tin of White Asparagus Extra 4/6 extra thick (IGP) features the highest quality asparagus, carefully selected for maximum enjoyment. The tin of White Tuna Belly in olive oil brings the delight of the sea with a gourmet touch.

Complete this culinary experience with a jar of Primera Piquillo Peppers, select peppers that offer unique flavour and versatility in the kitchen.

This set is presented in an elegant screen-printed cardboard box, making it a visually appealing gift ready to surprise friends, family or customers.

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Embutidos Ezequiel