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Special pack of preserves

The special canned food pack contains:

- A Jar of Ribera de Torio Honey (Net weight: 1.00 kg);

- A Box of Mantecadas El Arriero Maragato (Net weight: 300g);

- A Jar of Piparras extra (Net weight: 300 g);

- A tin of Whole Extra Lodosa Piquillo Peppers (net weight: 390 g)

- A Jar of Quince Meat (Net weight. 400 g);

- A Tin of White Tuna in Olive Oil (Net weight: 266 g).

- A bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Net content: 2 litres);

The lot contains cloth sack.

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Sold out

Receive your order between Tuesday, 21 May and Thursday, 23 May

Discover the special pack of preserves

The Special Preserves Pack is an exclusive selection of gourmet preserves carefully chosen to provide you with an unforgettable culinary experience. This pack includes a variety of high quality artisanal products such as mussels, cockles, razor clams, tuna and sardines, all packed in olive oil and ready to be enjoyed. Each product is made from fresh, top quality ingredients, using traditional methods and respecting local craftsmanship. Moreover, the special package of preserves is the ideal gift to surprise your friends and family with an exceptional taste.In short, the Special Preserves Package is the ideal choice for those looking for a gourmet selection of high quality preserves with authentic flavors. Order now and enjoy these delicious preserves in the comfort of your home!

Description of the products

Ribera de Torio honey is a natural and healthy product, with a unique flavor and a soft and creamy texture, which goes perfectly with yogurt, toast, tea or coffee. El Arriero Maragato mantecadas are a typical sweet from the León region, made with natural ingredients and following a traditional recipe. The box of El Arriero Maragato mantecadas is a delicious selection of traditional cookies, typical of the Maragatería region in León. Each mantecada is made with high quality ingredients and according to a recipe passed down from generation to generation. Piparras are a variety of chili pepper that is highly valued in Basque gastronomy for its sweet flavor and crunchy texture. Lodosa's piquillo peppers are a high quality gastronomic product, handmade and characterized by its mild and sweet flavor. The jar of Lodosa's extra whole piquillo peppers is a true delight for the palate. Native to the Navarra region, these peppers are known for their mild, sweet flavor and are used in many dishes in Spanish cuisine. This jar contains whole extra peppers, hand selected and carefully prepared to preserve their flavor and texture.Carne de membrillo is a sweet typical of Spanish cuisine, made with quince pulp and sugar. It can be enjoyed as a dessert or as an accompaniment to cheeses and pates. The can of white tuna in olive oil is a gourmet product highly valued for its mild and delicate flavor, and its firm and juicy texture. The canned white tuna in olive oil is a high quality and great tasting product. White tuna is one of the most appreciated fish in Spanish gastronomy, and this can contains fresh and tender white tuna, preserved in premium quality olive oil. Finally, the bottle of extra virgin olive oil is a high quality product, obtained directly from selected cold-pressed olives. It is ideal for dressing salads, fish and meat, and to give a special touch to any dish.

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