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Bag Number 1

El Saco número 1 de Embutidos Ezequiel contiene:

- Un Chorizo Extra Herradura (peso neto: 425 g);

- Un Chorizo Extra Picante Herradura (peso neto: 425 g);

- Un Salchichón Extra Herradura (peso neto: 425 g);

- Una Cuña de Queso Curado (peso neto: 600 g aprox.).

The pack contains a cloth sack.

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Receive your order between Tuesday, 6 June and Thursday, 8 June

Sold out
Sold out

Receive your order between Tuesday, 6 June and Thursday, 8 June

Discover the Bag Number 1

If you are a lover of cured meats and cheeses, the Number 1 Sack is the perfect choice for you. This sack includes a variety of high quality products, such as chorizo, salchichón, lomo, ham, cecina and cured cheese, all of them carefully selected to offer you the best flavor and the best quality. Each product included in the Number 1 Sack has been elaborated with the best ingredients and following traditional production techniques, which translates into an unparalleled flavor. In addition, this bag comes with a bottle of wine so you can pair your cold meats and cheeses with the best wine. The Number 1 Sack is a perfect option to give as a gift to friends and family who love cold meats and cheeses, or simply to enjoy a high quality selection at home. Don't miss the opportunity to try this delicious selection of cold meats and cheeses!

Description of the products

Chorizo Extra Herradura is made following a traditional recipe and is slowly cured to achieve an authentic and unmistakable flavor. If you like spicy, you will love Chorizo Extra Picante Herradura, with an intense and spicy flavor that will make you enjoy a unique experience. The Salchichón Extra Herradura, made with the same curing technique, is a sausage with a mild and delicate flavor that perfectly complements the other products in the basket. The Cured Cheese Wedge is a real delicacy for cheese lovers, made with raw sheep's milk and cured naturally for months to achieve a firm texture and an intense flavor.


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