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Fabada Asturiana Pack

Our Fabada Asturiana Pack allows you to savour authentic Asturian cuisine at home. Enjoy quality fabes, traditional compango and make an unforgettable fabada!

The Fabada Asturiana Pack by Embutidos Ezequiel contains:

- One Fabada preparation (net weight: 800 g). Ingredients: Chorizo Extra: Pork meat, sweet and sour paprika, salt, garlic and natural beef casing; Cured black pudding: lean pork, pork lard, onion, bread (wheat flour, yeast and salt), blood, sweet and sour paprika, salt, garlic and natural casing; Cured pork belly: pork belly and salt; Cured marinated pork rib: pork rib, sweet and sour paprika, salt and garlic;

- A packet of Fabada Ezequiel beans (net weight: 1 kg);


Receive your order between Wednesday, 17 April and Friday, 19 April

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Sold out

Receive your order between Wednesday, 17 April and Friday, 19 April

Experience the richness of Asturian cuisine with our Fabada Asturiana Pack. This complete pack includes all the essential ingredients to create an authentic fabada, a traditionally Asturian dish that combines superior quality beans with the unique flavour of compango, which contains chorizo, black pudding, ribs and bacon.

Here are some tips on how to make it:

  • Proper preparation: Follow the preparation instructions on the packet for best results. Slow cooking is key for the fabes to be tender and absorb the flavours of the compango.
  • Resting time: Fabada is usually even tastier the next day, as the flavours have time to blend. Preparing it in advance and reheating it can be an excellent option.
  • Traditional accompaniments: Serve your fabada with the classic Asturian bread known as "pantruque" or "pan de escanda", which is perfect for dipping in the delicious fabada sauce.
  • Wine pairing: Pair your fabada with a red wine from the Asturias region or a medium-bodied young red wine to bring out the flavours of the fabada.

Enjoy the full Fabada Asturiana recipe on our Blog!

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