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Cured Seasoned Lacón Pork Shoulder

Ingredients: pork shoulder, salt, bittersweet paprika and garlic.

Smoked using oak wood.

Store at room temperature, in a cool, dry place.

Nutrition Facts (Serving size 100 g)

Energy: 1143 kJ – 273 kcal
Fat: 13,80 g
of which saturated: 5,69 g
Carbohydrate: 21,50 g
of which sugars: <1,00 g
Protein: 15,70 g
Salt: 4,58 g

Net weight: 2,5 kg (approx.)


Receive your order between Wednesday, 7 June and Friday, 9 June

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Sold out

Receive your order between Wednesday, 7 June and Friday, 9 June

If you like salted and smoked products, you can't miss our Lacón Adobado salted pork shoulder. Made with the best cuts of pork. For its elaboration, we select the best pieces of meat, which are subjected to a marinating process with a mixture of spices and salt. They are then dried and matured for several months in our drying rooms, which gives them a unique flavor and aroma.

How can I eat Lacón Adobado Cured Ham? 

Our Lacón Adobado Cured Ham is ideal as an appetizer or as an ingredient in a wide variety of dishes. You can slice it thinly and serve it with cheese and wine, or use it to make delicious recipes such as croquettes, pies or salads. 


Soaking: Before cooking marinated pork shoulder, it is important to soak it for at least 12 hours in cold water, changing the water several times to desalinate it.

Cooking: There are many ways to cook marinated ham, from boiling to roasting in the oven or on the grill. Boiling is the most common method, for which you can use a pressure cooker or a regular pot. If you decide to boil it, it is important to do it on low heat so that the meat does not break down.

Accompaniment: Marinated pork shoulder is an excellent ingredient to use in stews, casseroles, omelets or as an appetizer, cut into thin slices. It can also be served with boiled potatoes or salad.

Storage: Marinated pork shoulder can be stored in the refrigerator for several weeks. It is advisable to wrap it in cling film or a plastic bag to prevent it from drying out.

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