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Semi-cured natural goat cheese

Medium mature cheese (minimum 20 days), handmade with freshly milked goat's milk that has undergone pasteurization.

Ingredients: Rennet of animal origin, Pasteurised goat's milk, Salt point.

Nutritional information (average value per 100 g of product)

Energy: 1632,35 kJ - 389,88 kcal
Fat: 34,20 g
of which saturated: 23,89 g
Carbohydrates: 2.89 g
of which sugars: 1.23 g
Protein: 17,63 g
Salt: 1,18 g

Net weight: 700 g

Manufactured by Productos Artesanos Valdecabras S.L.


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Sold out

Receive your order between Thursday, 25 April and Monday, 29 April

Natural semi-cured goat cheese: Discover its flavor and how to enjoy it.

Medium cured cheese (20 days minimum), handmade with freshly milked goat's milk subjected to pasteurization.

Organoleptic characteristics:

It presents a buttery, compact and closed texture with minimal cavities of mechanical origin, white paste of fine granularity and good solubility in the mouth. Slight hints of butter, toffee, nuts and goat's milk.

Free of preservatives, flavorings and colorings.

Directions for use:

Open from its container and keep at room temperature at least half an hour before consumption, so that all its organoleptic properties can be appreciated.

Once opened, molds may appear on the rind, showing that it has been cured naturally and free of antifungals.

The whole product is edible, including the rind.

We recommend eating it on a cheese board, emoanado, melted, grilled or microwaved.

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