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Puff Pastries from Astorga

Authentic puff pastries from Astorga, they are one of the most traditional sweets in the Maragatería region of León. They emerged around the 19th century as a convent recipe, soon became popular and have remained in consumption up to the present day.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, non-hydrogenated margarine (vegetable oils and fats: palm and sunflower, antioxidant E306-E304, flavourings, colouring: natural Beta-carotene), water, sugar, jelly (sugar, water, apple juice, thickener E-202, antioxidant E-300 and flavourings), egg and salt.

Contains: 21 units

Allergens: May contain traces of nuts, milk, soya and sulphites.

Net weight: 700 g

Manufactured by Mantecadas El Arriero maragato S.L.


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Sold out

Receive your order between Tuesday, 21 May and Thursday, 23 May

Astorga puff pastries: discover their flavor and how to enjoy them

If you like traditional sweets, you can't miss our Astorga puff pastries. Made with high quality ingredients and following the traditional recipe of the León region, these cakes are a delight not to be missed. Our puff pastries are crispy and flaky on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. Their flavor is authentic and traditional, thanks to the careful selection of ingredients and the artisanal elaboration that we give them. In our online store, you can buy our Astorga puffs and enjoy them at any time of the day. They are perfect to accompany coffee or afternoon tea, to sweeten a special breakfast or simply to enjoy as a sweet snack, do not wait any longer to try them!

tips and recipe

Storage: To preserve the freshness of the puff pastries, it is recommended to store them in a cool and dry place. Once opened, it is best to eat them as soon as possible.

Presentation: If you want to serve Astorga puff pastries on a special occasion, you can present them on a plate decorated with fresh fruit, such as strawberries or kiwis. You can also sprinkle them with a little powdered sugar to give them a more elegant touch.

Pairing: Astorga puffs are usually served with a nice cup of coffee or tea. If you want to try a different combination, you can enjoy them with a sweet wine, such as a muscatel or a port.

Tasting: To fully enjoy the puffs, cut them into small pieces and eat them slowly, savouring each bite. Enjoy the crunch of the puff pastry and the sweetness of the pastry cream. Savour them!

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