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8,40 €

Puff Pastries from Astorga

Authentic puff pastries from Astorga, they are one of the most traditional sweets in the Maragatería region of León. They emerged around the 19th century as a convent recipe, soon became popular and have remained in consumption up to the present day.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, non-hydrogenated margarine (vegetable oils and fats: palm and sunflower, antioxidant E306-E304, flavourings, colouring: natural Beta-carotene), water, sugar, jelly (sugar, water, apple juice, thickener E-202, antioxidant E-300 and flavourings), egg and salt.

Contains: 21 units

Allergens: May contain traces of nuts, milk, soya and sulphites.

Net weight: 700 g

Manufactured by Mantecadas El Arriero maragato S.L.

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Puff Pastries from Astorga

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