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Mantecadas El Arriero Maragato

Authentic mantecadas from Astorga, they are one of the most traditional confectionery products of the Maragatería region of León. They first appeared around the 19th century as a convent recipe, but soon became popular and have remained in consumption until the present day.

Protected Geographical Indication (PGI): Mantecadas de Astorga

Ingredients: Wheat flour, egg, sugar, butter, lard, glucose, raising agents (sodium carbonate, disodium diphosphate), pH regulator: calcium sulphate, anti-caking agent (calcium carbonate and corn starch), emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids.

Net weight: 300 g

Manufactured by Mantecadas El Arriero maragato S.L.


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Receive your order between Tuesday, 23 July and Thursday, 25 July

Mantecadas El Arriero Maragato : Discover their taste and how to enjoy them

Mantecadas de AstorgaEl Arriero Maragato are a traditional dessert that has been made in the Maragatería region for generations. The recipe has been passed down from generation to generation and has remained intact, ensuring that each mantecada is a true delight for the palate. 

The making of these mantecadas begins with high quality ingredients that are carefully blended to create a soft, fluffy dough that is baked to perfection. The result is a mantecada with a soft, fluffy texture and a delicious, sweet flavor.

 Mantecadas El Arriero Maragato are perfect to accompany your coffee or tea at any time of the day, either as an after-meal dessert or as a sweet snack to enjoy between meals.

Tips and recipe

They can be stored in a cool, dry place to maintain their freshness for longer.

To enjoy El Arriero Maragato mantecadas at their best, it is advisable to eat them at room temperature. If the mantecadas have been in the refrigerator, it is advisable to take them out a few minutes before consumption so that they recover their characteristic texture and flavor.

Mantecadas can be combined with a wide variety of beverages, such as coffee, tea, milk, hot chocolate, among others. They are also perfect as an accompaniment to other sweets and desserts, or simply as a snack between meals.

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