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Lentil pardina

Rich in iron, carbohydrates and phosphorus, it can be called brown lentil or brown lentil or French or francesilla lentil in some areas.

Net content: 1 kg.

Elaborated by Legumbres El Peregrino 16, S.L.


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Receive your order between Tuesday, 23 July and Thursday, 25 July

Pardina lentils: Discover their flavor and how to enjoy them

Pardina lentils are a variety of small, round lentils with a thin, smooth skin and an unparalleled flavor and smooth texture.

In addition, pardina lentils are a very nutritious and healthy legume. They are rich in high-quality protein, fiber, iron, B vitamins and other essential nutrients. Thanks to their high fiber content, they help regulate intestinal transit and maintain a healthy digestive system. 

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Tips and recipes

They are very popular in Spanish cuisine and are used in dishes such as stewed lentils, lentil salads and meat stews with lentils.

Before cooking lentils, it is advisable to wash and soak them in water for a few hours, preferably overnight. This helps to soften the lentils and will reduce the cooking time.

Once soaked, the lentils can be cooked in fresh water with salt and a bay leaf for about 20-30 minutes over medium-low heat until tender. It is important not to add salt or acidic ingredients such as tomatoes at the beginning of cooking, as they can make the lentils more difficult to cook.

To flavor the lentils, you can add ingredients such as onion, garlic, bell bell pepper, carrot, chorizo or bacon. Add the ingredients halfway through cooking so that they integrate well with the lentils.


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