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Pack of fresh Iberian products

The COMPLETE Pack of fresh Iberian products contains:

- A piece of Iberian acorn-fed 75% pure-bred Iberian pork (700 gr.).

- One piece of Iberian acorn-fed acorn-fed pork shoulder 75% Iberian breed (500gr.).

- Two pieces of Iberian acorn-fed sirloin steak 75% Iberian breed (800gr the two pieces).

- A pack of Iberian picadillo (700gr. ).


Receive your order between Tuesday, 5 March and Thursday, 7 March

Sold out
Sold out

Receive your order between Tuesday, 5 March and Thursday, 7 March

Discover the Complete Pack of fresh Iberian products

The Complete Pack of fresh Iberian products is an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy a delicious selection of high quality products. This pack includes a variety of fresh Iberian products carefully selected to satisfy all palates. Iberian acorn-fed pork is characterized by its intense flavor and smooth, juicy texture. Fresh Iberian products are ideal to be enjoyed in tapas, sandwiches or as part of a complete meal. Moreover, being fresh products, they can be cut at the moment to guarantee the freshness and quality of each bite. If you are a lover of Spanish gastronomy and you like to enjoy high quality products, do not hesitate to purchase this complete Pack of fresh Iberian products. You will enjoy a unique and incomparable gastronomic experience that will not leave you indifferent.

Description of the products

The Iberian acorn-fed acorn-fed shoulder is a piece of tender and juicy meat obtained from the front part of the loin of the Iberian pig. It is one of the most valued parts of the Iberian pig due to its unique flavor and texture. The secreto de bellota ibérico is a juicy and tasty piece of meat found near the neck of the Iberian pig. It is a highly prized part of the pig's diet and is considered a delicacy. The two Iberian acorn-fed pork tenderloins included in this package are pieces of tender, lean meat obtained from the lower part of the loin of the Iberian pig. Their flavor is mild and delicate, but very characteristic of the acorn-fed Iberian pig. The Iberian minced meat packet is a delicious mixture of minced meat from acorn-fed Iberian pork with natural spices and seasonings. It is perfect for preparing a wide variety of dishes, such as hamburgers, meatballs or pies. This pack is a unique opportunity to taste a selection of the best fresh Iberian products in the comfort of your home. All products are vacuum packed to guarantee their freshness and quality. Take this opportunity to enjoy the best acorn-fed Iberian pork in your dishes and surprise your guests with the most authentic flavors.

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