34,00 €

Fresh Products Pack (4 people)

The Fresh Produce Pack contains (quantities for 4 people approx.):

- Five slices of Fresh Belly Pork (weight approx. 500 g).

- Half Fresh Pork Rib (in strips) (approx. weight: 1.00kg.).

- Six fillets of Fresh Marinated Pork Loin (weight approx. 350 gr.).

- A bundle of Fresh Chorizo Extra (6 pieces) (approx. weight 650g).

- A bundle of Fresh Chorizo Extra Spicy (6 pieces) (approx. weight: 650gr.).

- Two fillets of Extra Beef Brisket (approx. weight: 750gr).

- Two red meat steaks (approx. weight: 450 gr).

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