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Fresh Products Pack

The Fresh Produce Pack contains (quantities for 4-5 people approx.):

- Five slices of Fresh Belly Pork (weight 500 g).

- Half Fresh Pork Rib (in strips) (weight: 1.00kg.).

- Six fillets of Fresh Marinated Pork Loin (weight 350 gr.).

- A bundle of Fresh Chorizo Extra (6 pieces) (weight 650g).

- A bundle of Fresh Chorizo Extra Spicy (6 pieces) (weight: 650gr.).

- Two fillets of Extra Beef Brisket (weight: 750gr).

- Two red meat steaks (weight: 450 gr).


Receive your order between Thursday, 25 April and Monday, 29 April

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Sold out

Receive your order between Thursday, 25 April and Monday, 29 April

Discover the Fresh Produce Pack

The fresh products pack is an excellent option for those who are looking for a selection of high quality and fresh products. This pack includes a variety of meat cuts and sausages, ideal for preparing a delicious meal at home. All these products come from free-range pigs, fed with acorns and natural herbs. The quality of the raw material and the artisanal elaboration make these products a true delight for the palate. Enjoy the authentic Spanish gastronomic experience with this pack of high quality fresh products.

Description of the products

The Fresh Produce Pack is a perfect choice for meat lovers. This pack contains a selection of the best cuts of pork and beef so you can enjoy a delicious and tasty meal. The pack includes five slices of fresh pork belly, perfect for frying and serving with fried eggs or as an ingredient in any stew. You will also find half a rib of pork sawn into three strips, ready to grill and enjoy its unique flavor. For lovers of marinated pork loin, this pack contains six marinated pork loin steaks, which you can grill or grill to enjoy its unique flavor and texture. In addition, this pack also includes a bundle of chorizo extra fresco achorizado dulce and another bundle of chorizo extra fresco achorizado picante, perfect for the barbecue or to enjoy at any meal. For beef lovers, the pack contains two extra beef hip steaks and two red meat entrecote steaks, both tender and tasty cuts that you can cook to your liking and enjoy at any occasion. In summary, the Fresh Produce Pack is an excellent choice for those looking for a selection of fresh, high quality meats to enjoy at home or at a gathering with friends and family.

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